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Semi custom community driven rsps.Unique content, great staff & way more! Check it out. .

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  1. You silly Bafoon, his already did an update or two, and we're awaiting on his MASSIVE update, about to drop.
  2. Low = 1-45 Orbs Medium = 46-125 Orbs High = 126+ Orbs --- Low Tier Dissolves --- Dharoks Pieces 3 orbs Ahrims Pieces 3 orbs Karils Pieces 3 orbs Torags Pieces 3 orbs Gutahns Pieces 3 orbs Noir Pieces 6 orbs Spell Mage Pieces 6 orbs Armadyl Pieces 12 orbs Bandos Pieces 12 orbs Zilyana Sword 17 orbs Tsutsaroth Spear 17 orbs Kree'ara Cross bow 17 orbs General Pieces 20 orbs Saradomin Pieces 20 orbs Tsutsaroth Pieces 20 orbs Kree'ara Pieces 20 orbs Flash Maul 32 orbs Flash Rapier 32 orbs Flash Longsword 32 orbs Flash Kiteshield 32 orbs Magebeast Pieces 45 orbs --- Medium Tier Dissolves --- Elysian Sigil 75 orbs Arcane Sigil 75 orbs Spectral Sigil 75 orbs Divine Sigil 75 orbs Shadow Sigil Hellfire Sigil --- High Tier Dissolves --- Torva Pieces 200 orbs Pernix Pieces 200 orbs Virtus Pieces 200 orbs - More to be added\edited in as I receive data\item to dissolve -
  3. Hello there! Im bray\braydan, You've probably seen me around on many \ alot of rsps, I've played this server since it was galaxy, and Avernic, Even back on one of the owners previous servers before those ;) I've enjoyed playing, I'm pretty active, If you ever need a question answered I'll attempt to answer it best I can. I'm 18 years young, Australian, and If you ever need me and I'm not online, my discord is Braydan#1396
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