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Welcome to Artex

Semi custom community driven rsps.Unique content, great staff & way more! Check it out. .

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  1. Thanks for your support on my suggestions! I am sure that I will have more come to mind - stay tuned!
  2. Make it to where a single IP can only create 3 to 4 accounts during it's lifespan. This would decrease the amount of cheat accounts as well as junk playersaves in server files.
  3. Add the option for Insert / Swap inside bank. Add Placeholders in bank interface.
  4. Change 'Galaxy' to 'Artex' in the teleportation interface. Change the area for mining ores to the Mining Guild (Falador). Add a NPC to allow players to "upgrade" their pickaxe to a Gilded version of their currently used pickaxe for 25M. Unless otherwise set through in-game settings, unchecking the "Enable Constitution (x10 damage)" shows normal 10/10 HP in skills tab. When enabled, shows 100/100 as well as 100 in Health sphere aside map.
  5. How is everyone doing? Thanks for taking the time out to read my introduction. I go by the alias 'X v X' but for those of you who prefer to call people by their legitimate name - you can call me Kyle. I am 24 years old and a father of 2 kids. They are 5 and 2 years old (as of this year). As for my background - I am a former server owner / developer, as well as having prior experience in web & social platform development / management. I also have experience in graphical design (PhotoShop, GIMP, etc). I love being a healthy and helpful addition to a community with great potential - I can tell that here at Singularis there is a lot of potential to be had, so I'm excited to see where we go in the future. If you'd like to know anything else - feel free to ask! Cheers, X
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