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Welcome to Artex

Semi custom community driven rsps.Unique content, great staff & way more! Check it out. .

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  1. Artex Staff Updates @Callum has been promoted to Server Moderator Daisy has been promoted to Server Support Braydan has been promoted to Server Moderator Seeker has been promoted to Server Support Saggy Bum has been demoted from Server Moderator due to inactvitiy Congratulations to all the new additions to the team. I look forward to working with you all!
  2. Hello, players of Artex, In this guide, I will inform you all about our Kill count zones (tiers) After completing my starter guide you now have a minigun & 500+ NPC Kills This is the requirements for each tier. 1. Devils: 500 NPC kills needed 2. Lords 100 Devil Kills needed 3. Demon 200 Lord kills needed 4. Dragon 300 Demon kills needed 5. Beasts 400 Dragon kills needed 6. King 800 Dragon kills needed 7. Bulwark 20.000 NPC kills needed This is the drops & drop rates for all items from tier 1 to tier 5. ::Devils ::Lord ::Demon ::Dragon ::Beast ::King ::Bulwark
  3. Lots of nice QoL updates here. I think these are all very viable updates that would improve the overall experience for the server. I support!
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