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  1. 🎁::Custom Minigames Guide🎁 Custom is a Mini game in which you kill Npc's for their keys so you can use the portal in the room to advance to the next room of Npcs until you finally get to the last room where you will fight a Corporal Beast which drops the final key which will allow you to open a chest for a reward. Rewards Will Be Added Later Efficient Method In this section I will be telling you how to efficiently do this mini game. Gear First off you are going to want to have a decent ::dr (dropratepercentincreast) to increase the chances of getting better loot when you open the box's for your rewards I would recommend having your pet upgraded to a Yoshi and having a universal or Arts ring for almost a 50 percent boost in your drop rate. You can also equip a Glaive for up to a 70 percent drop rate. As for your gear just use the best Dps you have. Method This method is pretty straight forward. You can about half an inventory of food with you or if you have 95 prayer you can just bring like 5 super restores and pray soulsplit when you need Hp. Then your going to want to stay in each area killing the npcs until you get 10 of each key before you move on to the next room. Once you do this you can run through ::custom quickly and open all your boxes at once. Its pretty straight forward have fun and good luck on your drops 🙂
  2. AFKing A Complete and Detailed Guide ___________________________________________________________________ This Is going to be a guide containing everything having to do with the afk content in Astera. The place in the above photo is where you will either be AFK mining/fishing. To get here you will need to use ::Home and go directly south. There is ::afk but that currently takes you to the old spot and is no longer complete content. Im sure this will be handled later in the future. Before coming to the Afk area you will need either a fishing net or a pickaxe. You can acquire the fishing net by going to you skill tab and left clicking the fishing skill which will teleport you to the fishing guild. Talk to The master fisher and buy a net. To get the pickaxe do ::home and go directly west to the building with the shops and talk Brother Jered. He will have a bronze pickaxe. It doesnt matter what pickaxe you use you will collect ore at the same rate. You can after you recieve enough Afk-Tickets buy a "Speed Pickaxe" that increases the rate at which you mine though. There is not Special net that increase the rate you fish though. The purpose of this place is to help you make gains even while you are away from your computer. You can leave it on over night or while you run to the store. While you are mining or fishing you will be collecting resources (Ore, Fish) These two items have and option in the right click menu "Claim-All" when you do this you will receive AFK-Tickets at a 1:1 ratio which is a currency that can be used at and his shop. This shop contains Speed Pickaxe (increases speed at which you mine ore) 250k Afk-Tickets Hellfire, Skyrocket, Leafy and Velvet Party hat's (Don't know if they have any special ability or stats) 1m Afk-Tickets Potion of Flight (Makes you fly.. Toggled by ::Fly) 250k Afk-Tickets Coffin of the Damned (no idea what it is or does) 100k Afk-Tickets Burning Man set (no idea if it has stats or abilities) 15m Afk-Tickets All of these are trade-able and afking has the potential to make you money or you can do it for the cosmetic aspect. Thats about it for this guide. Below i'll add a bit of statistics. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ For the Bronze Pickaxe. I have no idea how much faster the Speed Pickaxe is yet. You mine around 20-25 ore a Minute 25x60=1500hr 1500x24=3600day 36000x7=252000wk it'll take you one week non stop afking mining/fishing to get a Speed Pickaxe 60 weeks to get the burning man set with a bronze pickaxe. hopefully the speedy pickaxe is much quicker. I spent to much time on this guide i'm going to bed. I'll be afk mining. cya there. This is the first of many guides. Keep your eyes peeled.
  3. First of all I apologize I didn't quite know where to post this. I thought General discussion would be the most fitting. If not please feel free to move or delete post. Id appreciate if you took this thread into consideration though. I've been playing Runscape and Runescape Private servers for over a decade now and have had a lot of different experiences doing so. Over this time I've helped code and develop a few servers. What I am wanting to do and what I am applying for is a position on your developing team. I've noticed a lot of small tedious things that could be touched up in-game and would love to be the person to go in there and tackle all those small and meticulous things. Knowledge In: Java Gradle Git Github Some experience writing scripts for osrs (simba, Srl) My availability and my time zone is PT and will be active 4-5 days out of the week for at least 5 hours at a time. I have skype and discord and I am willing to interact with staff and players at any time. Id be taking in all suggestions from players and running them over with the server staff before implementing anything. If you have and questions or concerns don't be afraid to ask. If there's anything specific you want me to share I am all ears. I am looking forward to hearing back from you. Thank-You.
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