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  1. WOODCUTTING GUIDE! How to train woodcutting? Woodcutting shop Low level training woodcutting level 1-60 Evergreen lvl 1 willow lvl 30 maple lvl 45 buy yourself a bronze/iron axe bronze axe 16gp iron axe 56gp buy yourself a rune axe at level 40 woodcutting After level 60 head to high level woodcutting 60-120 Yew lvl 60 magic lvl 75 rune axe 5.6k gp head over to high level woodcutting till level 120 Wise Old Man get your 99 cape from wise old man get your 120 cape from wise old man
  2. bart

    Starter Guide

    Starter Guide Head to ::train or Spell_book Training Teleports 1: Low Level Training Recommand having at least 75-99 strength attack and defence before heading to starter zone Pick up crystal keys/pvm boxes/Mbox boxes Caskets for money Loot Boxes if you want skilling supplys 2: starter Zone Crystal keys/pvm boxes/Noir Set & weapon(melee) Spell Set(mage)/Subleather set(range)/pvm tickets/mbox 3: ::npclist Devils 100 npc kills lords 100 devils kills demon 200 lords kills dragon 300 demon kills beast 400 dragon kills king 800 beast kills etc...... 4: Crystal chest located at home The rewards Very from Junk to Good Vote scrolls/Flash weapons 5: ::devils Bones/pvm tickets/pvm box devilspawn necklace/devilspawn bow/devilspawn wings
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