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Semi custom community driven rsps.Unique content, great staff & way more! Check it out. .

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  1. Great video no $5 to each players or free donator. not sure why you put that on the video?
  2. Artex

    Starter Guide

    Wow! another one 🙂 great job on these.
  3. Artex

    WoodCutting Guide

    What a nicely detailed woodcutting guide. Good job!
  4. In-Game Rules Section 1 - Botting or Bug Abuse 1. Botting/Macroing Artex does not allow the use of third party software to gain an unfair advantage while playing our game. This includes bots, auto clickers, or any other third party software. 1.2 Bug Abuse Intentionally abusing bugs with your knowledge that causes harm to artex and the community will automatically result in a ban if you continue to abuse it and don’t report it. If you find a bug instantly report it under the “Report a Bug” section on the forums. This does include using safe spots. 1.3 Duping Any player that dupes items without informing the Artex Management Team will result in a termination of your account along with all the items duped. This infringement is a permanent ban in all circumstances and will never be looked into. 1.4 Glitched Items Attempting to exchange any glitched item on the Artex market is against the Artex rules and the punishment is case-to-case. Section 2 - Threats 2.1 DDoS Threats A DDoS threat will always result in a mute and if it continues then an IP mute. If a threat becomes an action then the player will be IP banned. 2.2 Hacking Threats Threatening to hijack another player’s account will always result in an IP ban. 2.3 Real Life Threats Sending real life threats such as a “dox”, or a violent threat that puts a player in danger is against the rules and the punishment is case-to-case. 2.4 Flaming Flaming another player for any reason is against the rules and will result in a mute. Flaming can become threats if it is severe enough which could lead to a ban so please do not flame one another. Learn to use your ignore list if a fight starts to occur. Section 3 - Accounts 3.1 Hacking Hijacking a player's forum or in-game account will result in a permanent IP ban. 3.2 Sharing Accounts You're not allowed to share your Artex account with someone else, if we caught you sharing your account you will be punished for these actions. 4.4 Starter Pack Farming Creating several accounts with the intent to farm the starter pack is against the rules and will result in an IP ban. Section 5 - Black Market 5.1 Artex for outside RSPS, RSGP & IRL Cash There is NO selling Artex GP for any other game version or real life cash. Our virtual items are not allowed to be sold in any way, shape, or form and if you are caught you will be banned. Section 6 - Staff 6.1 Staff Impersonation Pretending to be a part of the Artex staff team with intent of scamming or hacking will result in an IP ban. Make sure that you are not tricked by a random player, all staff members have crowns. 6.2 Staff Disrespect Disrespecting staff members such as begging for a spot on the staff team or being rude in general will result in a mute and possibly a ban. Section - Miscellaneous 7.1 Leaking IPs Leaking a player’s IP goes hand-in-hand with threats and will result in a ban. Leaking personal information is something that Artex takes very seriously. 7.2 Intolerance Artex has absolutely no tolerance for racism, bigotry, sexism, or any other intolerance. These can easily create hatred and we will not have that around. 7.3 Server Disrespect If you are continuously bashing the owners, staff, or anything at all about Artex it is not going to be tolerated. You WILL be punished. 7.4 Advertising Advertising anything but Artex will result in a permanent ban. 7.5 DDoSing These actions are illegal and will not be tolerated by Artex. Any DDoS with proof of the victim or a third party member will always result in a permanent IP ban in-game and on the forums. 7.6 Proxy & VPN Voting Using third party software to vote several times in one day is banned because it is immoral and can actually get us banned from the voting sites. Please do not do this because it could possibly prevent us from growing. 7.8 Punishment Avoiding Avoiding any punishment in any way can result in further action taken at the discretion of the punishing staff member. 7.9 Community Events and 'AFK Methods' at ::home (One (1) account per activity only) For community events/afkable things only one account per IP is permitted to the event. Any punishment related to any offense of the rules is given by the judgement and discretion of that staff member. If you feel you have been mistreated by a staff member, report them to a higher up. If you feel that you have been punished unfairly you may appeal on the forums. These rules are subject to be changed at any time by the staff team. *If you are scammed, hacked or lose an item due to a bug it will not be replaced or refunded by the staff team *If something goes wrong under your IP or account you will still be held responsible. It does not matter if your mom, dad, little brother or sister did it.
  5. Artex


    Welcome to the server @bambilove glad to have you here.
  6. Artex

    Welcome to Pages

    Welcome to Pages! Pages extends your site with custom content management designed especially for communities. Create brand new sections of your community using features like blocks, databases and articles, pulling in data from other areas of your community. Create custom pages in your community using our drag'n'drop, WYSIWYG editor. Build blocks that pull in all kinds of data from throughout your community to create dynamic pages, or use one of the ready-made widgets we include with the Invision Community. View our Pages documentation
  7. Welcome to Artex RSPS click here to play now These are all the update of the past. - Fixed all items that you were still able to trade and added extra mechanics to it. - All rares drop should now announce. if there is an item that doesnt annouce please report it. - Added Ruby Mysterybox to the Voting store - Added jack helm (white) to voting store - Added pet penguin to voting store - Added ring of wealth to Megabeast droptable (row) - Added a ::market area (grand exchange) - Added wise old man to the shops house - Eullmeage armour set now has stats - Quatrix armour set now has stats - Joyxicular armour set now has stats - Magebeast armour set now has stats - inferior armour set now has stats - inferior wings has stats added as well - nuetron equipment has stats added. - Shillings and Multiplers and all items from the shilling store are untradable now. - Added wise old man to the shops house - Redid the donator amounts - if you donate $10 you automatically upgrade to Donator - if you donate $50 you automatically upgrade to Super donator - if you donate $100 you automatically upgrade to Extreme donator - if you donate $1000 you automatically upgrade to Sponsor donator - redid the donator shop #3 (removed majourity of the customs) - redid the donator shop #1 - Added a 3 new mystery boxes -Nerfed the mithril minigun - Added extra developer commands for better performance - Added a globl msg everytime someone votes to keep a reminder on the server to continue voting - Added a global msg everytime someone donates to keep a reminder on the server to help with costs - Added Frost statuis pvp set - Added lime morrigan pvp set - Added gilded vesta pvp set - Added pink zuriel pvp set - Fixed all the revenant npc combat levels - Added 2 new items for beginners in the UPGzone - Added stats to all newly added armour sets and weapons - Added a new Revenant that drop new pvp armour sets - Added 3 new magic weapons (they auto-cast) - Blaster Staff - you get this from eventzone npcs - Evil staff - you get these from bandos avatar - Skoll staff - you get these from ::beast - Added 3 new melee weapons - Floreox scimitar - you get it from floreox bird as drop - Heavy chainsaw - you get it from coroporeal beast - KDB 2h sword - you get it from king black dragon - Fixed the autocast problems we were having - made prisoner rapier x2 faster - nerfed the mithril minigun heavily - Maxiblood whip is now x2 faster as well (enjoy 7bikes) - The legion scythe is x2 faster now too - fixed legion staff walk,run,idle animations - Added a new classes and mechanics for weapon speed, had this done to improve our combat system and to make it easier for me. - Increased hitpoints on all Bosses. they got a 80% Hp increase - increase hitpoints on some tier npcs - regular donators can now do ::dzone - Added stats to all maxiblood armours - increased crazy electro hitpoints by +15 - changed the locations to ::staffzone to somewhere more remote - added a new helmet called the kbd full helm you get it from king black dragon - pheonix is now Floreox bird - corporeal beast is now recoloured - Darth vader key rates have been changed - yoda key rates have been changed - Fixed rare drop annoucements for custom items - rewrote the rare item drop annoucements - added a new drop rate items (scythe 15% drop rate) - add new partyhatd,santahats,hweenmasks to donator store and replaced the older once. - Added all the missing prices to donator shop #3 - Added scoreboard to home alone the prayer building - Added another rejuvination altar closer to ::home teleport - Added a new command tele teleport to ::revs - added revs to ::npclist command - Added bonecrusher to Voting shop - Added $10 scroll to voting shop - Added normal donator rank ticket to voting shop - Added Christmas cracker to voting shop - Added a new minigame - Added stormtroopers - drop the Key 1 - Added luke skywalker - drops key 2 - Added yoda - drop key 3 and 4 - added darth vader - drops key 5-6 - Nojad added to boss room - Nojad drops a chest key and you will use it on the lootchest to get a raidbox - Raid boxes drop good stuff - items almost close to grandmbox which is $50 donator points - -reworded the drop annoucement message - Added a new Godwars map https://i.imgur.com/8tnwMeh.png - Added godwar spawns - redid all the drops for the 4 godwar bosses - fixed the prayer altar not working - fixed the doors not working in new zone - added a ::gwd command - added new drop tickets - added pvm ticket - ADDED NEW GODWARDS DUNGEON ITEMS AND NEW ::GWD ZONE Kree'arra crossbow Kree'arra godsword Kree'arra helmet Kree'arra chestplate Kree'arra chainskirt Zilyana godsword Zilyana sword Zilyana hood Zilyana robe top Zilyana tobe bottom General godsword General tassets General chestplate General boots Tsutsaroth spear Tsutsaroth godsword Tsutsaroth boots Tsutsaroth halo Tormented tentacle Tormented claws Tormented defender - Added a 2 new spirit shields (hellfire & Shadow) - Added a new welcome crate box to Avernic box; new box gives you 1 voting scroll, a 1 random selection from 8 pets and 3k shillings to get new players started with the grind. - changed the gwd boss hitpoints to 2k from 4k - Added stats to Arc rapier and fixed weapon interface - Added stats to Arch mace and fixed weapon interface - Added stats to cyantrix ring - fixed stats on magebeast set from all-round to magic stats - galaxy raper, galaxy bow and galaxy staff got a speedboost but lowered on stats - galaxy bow autocasts now too and has unlimited blast runes - Added Mutli-drops (*) From now on you some selected bosses that are in multizone will drop a item for the top 3 damage dealers. this is to enhance bossing in multi areas. The bosses that currently have multidrops are - Nex - Bandos Avatar - Corporeal Beast - all four GWD bosses. - Added a new Drop rate bonus system - reworked the drop rates, currently the old system didnt effect the drop rates it was just an initializing rate for clue scrolls which was pathetic. (spent 4 hours re-writing code) - Ring of wealth increases drop rate by 5% - Scythe of ligon increase drop rate by 10% - Donator status increases drop rate by 5% - starter pets increases drop rate by 3% - Added ::droprate command to view droprate - Changed a few slayer tasks (a few npcs were unreachable, this has been fixed now. - corporeal beast you're now able to protect mage and you should be fine with it. reduced the damage as little Added a new boss points shop featuring Zara - added new items exclusive never before seen to boss points shop and alot of other items to boss points store - Amulet of fury (z) - berserker ring (z) - boss gloves - antique lamp - Grants low exp - Zara's exp lamp - Grants high exp - Zara's accomulator - Bow sword 1k truths - Tornado katana - and the Shadow Set - the raid msyerybox rewards have been nerfed slighty - i have added 3 new weapons to the raids rewards box - Twisted bow - Scythe of Viture - Viggora's chainmace - pvm tickets are globaly spawn event with npcs that have no drop table - lowered the slash bash hp from 4k to 800 anyone who donated over $25 now have ::bank command - Added a ::corp command - added new updates command - changed the client icon image thanks too @Delicious -if anyone has lost there pets you can now get them back I added the zookeeper at home you pay him 10m and he returned all your unlocked pets -from now on keys will not stack and the structure is a little different now you start with getting key 1 and 2 on the first room key 3 and 4 on the second room key 5 and 6 on the third room and boss room key on the fourth room - removed the spam drop msg on keys DROP RATE +3% cats & dogs = 300 pvm tickets to upgrae to scorpian DROP RATE +4% scorpian = 600 pvm tickets to upgrade to unicorn DROP RATE +5% unicorn = 1200 pvm tickets to upgrade to bear DROP RATE +6% grizzlybear = 2400 pvm tickets to upgrade to wolf DROP RATE +7% wolf = 4800 pvm tickets to upgrade to gorilla DROP RATE +8% gorilla = 10K pvm tickets to upgrade to vegeta DROP RATE +10% vegeta = 15K pvm tickets to upgrade to yoshi pet DROP RATE +15% yoshi pet == MAX DROP RATE PET == - Charming imp now loots Pvm tokens - The general store now depletes items sold automatically - Added the custom minigame lootchest at home - Redesigned the home area for the new afk spots - added pvm tokens globaly just like charm drops - changed 1k tickets to > AFK tickets - removed AFK tickets from npc drops - Added a new AFK ticket shops - Right click on developer's is no longer big - Added ranged statbonus to 1k bow of truth - rewrote how "fog" was handled. its not a blue solid background anymore its a mixture of blue and white with a better density. - Fixed stats on kree'arra chest plate - multipliers are now untradable - made afk tickets untradable - Added a new Starter boss - Added a new starter armour and weapons Noir helm Noir platebody Noir platelegs Noir axe (1handed axe) Noir boots Noir gloves Noir shield - Added a new lootbox (grants you low-tier items, barrows, voting scroll, noir armour and weapons etc...) - Added a new area to ::npclist (starterzone) - added starterzone to teleport interface > monsters > starterzone - i replaced the prestige portal to a starter portal for new players. - added ::start / ::starter / ::starterzone command to teleport to new zone fixed moonlight staff (auto cast & speed as well) - Added stats to moonlught set - added stats to noir boots & gloves - added a strength boost to universal boots - added a new pickaxe to AFK ticket store called the speed pickaxe (speed pickaxe makes mining faster than smithing) - major buff on devilspawn bow - Kree'arra crossbow is a lot faster now - Fixed a few clue scrolls - some pets were taing 600 pvm tickets rather than 300 - fixed it - added stats to fractite wings - key 4 is now taken from you when entering the next custom minigame room - frost warhammer now has the right weapon interface when worn - pvm ticket drop rates have increased on all global drops - kree'arra bow is faster a littlebit - some clues were redone because they were impossible to do - Better HD shading for ground textures - Optimized model precision - Complete full Particles -Fixed Starlight weapon speed Fixed Starlight weapon interace Increased range bonus on Flash crossbow reduced drop rates on Devilspawn bow - devilspawn Reduced drop rates on Devilspawn necklace - devilspawn Reduced drop rate on starlight sword - fractite demon Reduced drop rate on fractite wings - fractite demon Reduced drop rate on nuetron dagger - fractite demon Reduced drop rate on nuetron boots - fractite demon reduced drop rate on nuetron gloves - fractite demon reduced drop rate on Joyxicular help - Joyx dragon reduced drop rate on Joyxicular body - Joyx dragon reduce drop rate on Joyxicular legs - Joyx dragon Fixed a few more clue scrolls that were unlikely possible. Fixed fighter torso (i) & Kree'arra chestplate from going invisible Increased Str+ on fighter torso (i) Increased Str+ on fighter hat (i) Donator rank now autodate automatically ($10 regular, $50 super donator, $100 extreme donator, $1000 Sponsor donator) drop annoucement to all the new godwars dungeon items (upgraded godwar items) Legion scythe now annouces on drops Increased stats on legion scythe( as requested) Updated stats on magebeast armour (as requested) Balster staff now annouces on drops fixed the clue dig beside banker> changed it to dig near bank booth as we dont have bankers Added a new magic armour for staters at ::Stater (as requested) - new armour is recoloured dagon'hai armour with better magic stats than ahrims Speeded up Speed pickaxe even more because it was still too slow Added 1-3 pvm tickets to all custom minigame npcs 1/5 reduced drop rates on boss key room at darth vader reduced the drop rate on key 1 and 2 storm troppers added a new command to teleport to custom zone ::custom Wildywyrm now drops to top 3 damage dealers Wildywyrm drops 100-300 Pvm tickets / kill black unicorn pets will not longer attack people grizzly bear pets will not longer attack people removed skilling pets for fishing and mining Starter bosses respawn a lot faster now you can no longer place a multi-drawf cannon at upgrade zone Upgzone zone is now multi-area Added stats to magebeast armours (as requested) fixed the pink staff and pink robe top mess up on names - Prison rapier - chaotic rapier - choatic longsword - choatic maul - choatic staff - chaitc cow - zulrah scale box - charming imp - zara's accumolator - anique lamp - zara's xp lamp - fighters hat (i) - fighters torso (i) - runner hat (i) - barrow gloves (i) - bonrcrusher (i) upgraded == new spell armour == spell hat spell robe top spell robe bottom Devil spawns drop 10-30 Pvm tickets 1/5 Inferior lords drop 15-35 pvm tickets 1/5 Fractite demon drops 20-40 pvm tickets 1/5 Joyx dragon drops 25-45 pvm tickets 1/5 Megabeast drop 30-50 pvm tickets 1/5 == PVM TICKET SHOP UPDATE == talk to pvm chieftan at south of home to see the new shop Added 20 new items to the game (this may seem like nothing but each item wascoded / anims, speed,effects,slots,weaponinterface, etc...) fighter hat (i) ranger hat (i) Fighter torso (i) Runner hat (i) Barrow gloves (i) Bonecrusher (i) - upgraded version of bonecrusher Flash rapier - fast weapon Flash staff - fast weapon Flash longsword - fast weapon Flash maul - fast weapon Flash kiteshield Flash crossbow - fast weapon Brutal Whip - fast weapon Viggora's chainmace (i) Scythe of vitur (i) Twisted bow (i) Toxin helm Toxin body Toxin legs Ring of wealth (ii) - gives 10% drop rate replace all 1M tickets to pvm tickets in drops - increased the drop rate on revenants slightly - adjusted the mysterybox again (junk loots are removed) - Fixed a mojor t2 client issue that used to randomly crash client - resolved a few bugs i forgot to note down (sorry) adjusted the prices on the maxi/moon/archie weapons to $50 Added Supreme Nex Change nex to Supreme nex on teleport interface redid the drop table for nex added new items to Supreme nex - Nex Glaive - Nex torva Amour set (red textured) - Nex Pernix Armour set (green textured) - Nex Virtus Armour set (blue texture) -Added stats on all Nex Armour sets  They are +100% better than the original gear Buffed Eternal cape nerfed the starlight sword slightly Changed the Nex model again Moved the Nex NPC to another location added a ::nex command changed the texture on shadow virtus changed the texture on Elite dragon bones we got new specs to most of our custom weapons - all gwd weapons - flash rapier - avernic rapier - demon maul - starlight - maxiblood, brutal and eternal whip - nuetron dagger - moonlight staff - miniguns  New Donator Spider added to ::szone Just like the donator rank all donator ranks add an aditional 5% drop rate regular donator %5 super donator %10 extreme donator %15 Sponsor donator %20 buffed the HP on dontor spiders removed ring (ii) from donator spiders Added a new interface for item upgrading and a new system These are the items you can upgrade - Multipliers are now stackable - Mysteryboxes are now stackable custom minigame keys are now stackable along with bossroom key - Added runelocus to the voting page - GWD bosses don't go clip outside of walls anymore - Dislabed pking ; you can still pk in the "funpk" - disabled a lot of custom weapons from being used in the new funpk - added a ::funpk command to teleport to funpk area (remember custom weapons are disabled here) - when you die with a a pet on full inventory it now goes straight to your bank All pets are now a right click to pickup. They won't bother you anymore 🙂 Ive had to extened and make a new class for more custom items because we had exceeded the limit Maxiblood, moonlight and archie packages now checks for donator rank and auto updates (thanks for reporting) added stats to moonlight and archie cape ironman get a 8% drop rate incease ultimate ironman get a 12% drop rate increase added stats to shadow spirit shield added a ::afk command All statues and artifacts obtained from revenants prices are cut in half fixed a typo with upgrading boots increased the drop rate on legion scythe fixed the TD brutal whip stats, speed and special and weapon interface added stats to pixie Minigun ; speed and special as well added stats to vixie staff; speed and special as well (new autocast) added stats to vixie boots and it goes to the right slots now too All upgradable items chances and orbs prices have been set properly added more starter boss spawns added more devilspawn spawns added more lords spawns added more demon spawns added more dragon spawns added more beast spawns added an invention icon on top of the upgrade lady to make her more visible Replaced the construction skill with invention Dissolving items gives you Invention Exp Upgrading items success also gives you invention EXP Added more items that are dissolvable (barrows, chaotics, noir, pvm tier drops etc..) T2 WEAPONS AND ARMOURS REMASTERED & BULWARK ARMOUR REMASTERED -I didn't want to be repetitive with torva sets so i've remastered them to thier own unique armour set. (yes they have moving textures ) T2 Melee Set: Shikruu helm, body, legs and katana T2 Range Set: Sorrow horn-coif, body, chaps and bow T2 Magic Set: Ganopurp visor, poncho, leggings and staff - fixed typo wearing a max cape saying dungeoneering cape - fixed the typo with upgrading boots (bronze-to-universal) - buffed the moonlight staff - fixed the ankou maul weapon interface and spec - Major buff on Archie minigun and moonlight staff - increased the price on Donation weapons (because they are game changers) - buffed boss gloves - buffed general tassets, boots and chestplate - buffed spell robe top, bottom and hat - buffed arc rapir and arc mace - cyantrix beast now need 10k NPC kills - buffed evil staff - buffed Tsutsaroth boots - buffed attack stats on all eternal armours + whip - Added stats to devilspawn necklace - Added stats to naturespawn Necklace - buffed stats on veteran cape - you can get a veteran cape if you purchase the veteran titles from loyalty points store - added stats to maxcape` - increased range on bowsword (1k truth) - Added stats to shadow virtus - changed the upgrade lady npc to eva. - Added stats to ice fury - added stats to shadow necklace - buffed stats on Toxin - Added proper stats to Scythe of vitur(i),viggora's chainmace(i) and Twisted bow(i) -Fixed twisted bow not working with any ammo - Added attack stats to Hellfire spirit shield - Buffed tornado katana weapon speed. uses 10% special and hits 3 times aswell now. - fixed the weapon interface for brutal whip and added special - buffed quatrix spear, added special and fixed weapon interface - Added new shukarhazh bosses to szone - these drop $5 scrolls rare and shukarhazh body - you can now dissolve torag platelegs - add a new zone called bulwarks - these drop bulwark armour and other goodies. - fixed recover potions -fixed ll cluescrolls - PENGUIN REDONE ZONE + YETI BOSS== = Shilling zone changed to penguin zone ==  I didn't want people to go through a hard grind when they first srtarted because it was giving us a lot of newcomer departures. so instead im turning it into a full minigame with much more content in it with a better layout. - completely changed shillings to penguins - added a Yeti-boss to penguin zone (gives more pebbles and has a better drop table) - changed the location to pengunzone - Added more than 1 multiplier; you can now buy mutlipier 100, multipier 1000 and multiplier 10000. - made the new penguin zone multizone and disalbed cannon - changed the portal to teleport to new zone - prisoner items were out of place so i remade them penguin rapier and gloves - added new items to penguin zone - Fixed the glitched with GP going over 2147M (2.1B) in inventory dissapearing. - Fixed the glitch with moneypouch not displaying any amount over max cash value - Added player owned shops - Player owned shops currency is used from moneypouch (this is so it goes over 2147M max) - selling pirce in player owned shop has no limit. - ::bulwark (you need 20k npc kill count) - szone (run north -Shukarhazh) - Removed eternal dragon egg from afk zone - Fixed red partyhat making players invisible - Fixed vegeta pet disconnecting players when picked up - shukarhakh is only wearable for superdonators + - Multipliers are not tradable and sellable anymore - Penguin cape and ring are not tradable and sellable anymore - You can now dissolve tormented whip - you can now dissolve tormented defender - Nex glaive got a speed buff - td brutal whip is now Brutal tentacle - Added a new monster teleport for Predator - Added a new monster teleport for The Mummy Predator - you need 120 slayer to attack this npc The Mummy - you need 99 slayer to attack this npc Zbuffering and model fixes - fixed capes not rending on players back properly - fixed model head and cape priorities - Toxin armour renamed and remodeled - also have moving texture effects - Eternal armour set has also been remodeled - also has moving texture effect. - Added a toggle to turn on and off ground texture. It's in your game settings interface -Maxiblood, archie and moonlight capes have been remodeled and particles have been added - The collector amulet and ring isnt x3 anymore. When wearing the collector ring or amulet alone is 1x. Wearing them together is x2. - The Callisto boss now has an attack option  Fixed the Brutal mingun, Sorrow bow and Archie minigun damage bonuses - Fixed the skoll staff, brutal staff, gano purp and moonlight damage bonus + boost - Shukarhazh armour doesnt delete if you try to wield it. - you now need 2k npc kill count to wear predator gear - changed the random null item you get from raid mysterybox - Fixed joyx and gilded armour stats - Added stats to dragonslayer armour The maximum drop rate was 1/1100 this has been change to 1/5000 - All MOB/BOSS Drop tables have been changed as how its meant to be. Low tier is easy and hard tier is hard. - changed the custom minigame chest model - Added ironman armour - changed the penguin cape model - Added loot device to boss point store (picks up pvm tickets and coins) - 5m AFk tickets ea piece (mask, top, legs) New items to Crystal key chest - all flash weapons - Barrow gloves (i) NEW DONATOR YELL CUSTOMIZATIONS ::setyelltitle <name> ::setyellhex <color code> ::hex (opens link to hex colour codes) - Fixed loot device giving summoning experience - lords is now multizone - Lootboxes have changed rewards - Pvm Boxes give old lootbox rewards - Added ckeys to starterzone - added lootboxes and pvm boxes to ::Train as well - added the new boxes to all tier zones -currently they only drop flash weapons but more drops are coming soon. -All sgilis are now dissolvable -spell robes from starter are now dissolvable too -reduced the price on penguin rapier/penguin gloves to 10k (20k is too much of a grind for new players) - increased price on tetsu armour (40k to 50k) - reduced the spawn timer on corporeal beast - eternal dragon isnt agressive but she's now posionous - reduced the spawn timer on eternal dragon -Voting mysterybox has new items added to it (all t1 items) (also changed texture) -reduced price on voting myerybox -removed a lot of junk from voting shop - added t1 weapons to voting shop - Nuetron dagger str bonus buffed - blaster staff and evil staff max hit buffed -The Raid items (i) in the pvm ticket shop have been changed to the original because they aren't really an upgrade yet. They shouldnt have that name. -Added a new npc to the npc tier ::king (you need 800 beast kills in order to attack them) - Flash weapons are now dissolvable - Archie minigun got a big buff - reduce the money you get from eternal dragon by a little bit - moonlight staff got a magic bonus boost - Gilded sword got a speed boost - Added stats to archie armours - nerfed drops on yoda from 1/120 to 1/50 - Added new items to the ckey chest void melee helm void mage helm void range helm full void korasi sword void deflector - you can now teleport out of the wilderness below level 35 an not 20 - moonlight staff got a magic bonus boost upgrading T0 success rate is now 30% before it was 20. Upgrading orb requirement is now 100 before it wa 75. Fury shark is the new food. you need level 120 fishing then 120 cooking to cooking Fury shark heals whopping 50 hp! -how to fish FURY SHARK?- teleport to the fishing guild using the fishing teleport talk to the deep sea ghost, he will teleport you to deep sea dock. Make sure you bring a harpoon and start fishing. New Maleficent magic armour (New magic armour) - Added some administrator commands for Angel - Droprate donor status count now works for staff (moderators) - you now need 10k npc kills to wield bulwark - added riddler's glaive speed + weapon interface - duel arena has been enabled you can now go to dueling - custom weapons at duel arena is prohibited! - when attacking king it will show the proper beast kill count - Donators can now decant without npc ::decant - Donators can now open ckeys without chest :: ckey or ::crystalchest or ::crystal or ::crystalkey - I have also reworked pest control - you get 15 commendations and 750k GP per round
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