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Welcome to Artex

Semi custom community driven rsps.Unique content, great staff & way more! Check it out. .

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    • No worries at all Brayden , i completely understand , im on my 2nd month playing,  really enjoy the community i just thought id give it a shot so id be able to support and help the server out more and grow. Anyways, down the line if u guys ever need help with anything feel free to give me a shout! 
    • Low = 1-45 Orbs Medium = 46-125 Orbs High = 126+ Orbs --- Low Tier Dissolves --- Barrows Pieces 3 orbs Noir Pieces 6 orbs Subleather/Paraleather Pieces 6 orbs Broodoo Shield 6 orbs Abyssal Whip 6 orbs Amulet of Fury 7 orbs Spell Mage Pieces 7 orbs Statius/Vesta/Zuriel/Morrigan Pieces 9 orbs Blessed Spirit Shield 10 orbs Barrows Armor Sets 12 orbs Armadyl Armor/Hilt/Crossbow  12 orbs Godsword Shards 12 orbs Saradomin Pieces 12 orbs Bandos Pieces 12 orbs Corrupted Dragon Chainbody 15 orbs Frost pieces 15 orbs Gilded pieces 15 orbs Pink Pieces 15 orbs Lime pieces 15 orbs Fighter Torso 15 orbs Fighter Torso (i) 15 orbs Fighter Hat 15 orbs Fighter Hat (i) 15 orbs Bandos Godsword 15 orbs Evil Staff 15 orbs Ring of the Gods 15 orbs Treasonous Ring 15 orbs Tyrannical Ring 15 orbs White Fish 17 orbs Serpentine Helm 20 orbs Tainted Boots 20 orbs Spirit Shield 20 orbs Devilspawn Pieces 21 orbs General Pieces 21 orbs Zilyana Pieces 21 orbs Kree'ara Pieces 21 orbs Tsutsaroth Pieces 21 orbs Claws (all kinds) 25 orbs Dark Bow 25 orbs Berserker Ring 25 orbs Flash Items 27 orbs Chaotic Items 32 orbs Tormented Defender 33 orbs Tormented Tentacle 33 orbs Berserker Ring (z) 35 orbs Draconic Visage 35 orbs Dragonfire Shield 40 orbs Tokhaar Kal 40 orbs Inferior Armor Pieces 41 orbs Starlight Sword 41 orbs Ring of Wealth 41 orbs Skoll Staff 41 orbs Fractite Wings 41 orbs Neutron Boots 41 orbs Neutron Gauntlets 41 orbs Prometheum Dagger 41 orbs Joxycular Pieces 41 orbs Cyan Pieces 41 orbs Arc Rapier/Mace 41 orbs Cyantrix Ring 41 orbs Magebeast Pieces 45 orbs KBD pieces 45 orbs --- Medium Tier Dissolves --- Crimson Katan 50 orbs Demon Maul 60 orbs Blaster Staff 70 orbs Mithril Minigun 70 orbs Elysian Sigil 75 orbs Elysian Spirit Shield 100 orbs Arcane Sigil 75 orbs Arcane Spirit Shield 100 orbs Spectral Sigil 75 orbs Spectral Spirit Shield Divine Sigil 75 orbs Divine Spirit Shield 100 orbs Predator Pieces 100 orbs Eternal Pieces 100 orbs Chaos Shield 100 orbs  Galvek Pieces 100 orbs Maleficient Pieces 100 orbs --- High Tier Dissolves --- Nex Armor Pieces (t1) 200 orbs Hellfire Sigil 250 orbs Hellfire Spirit Shield 300 orbs Nex Armor Pieces (t2) 400 orbs
    • AFKing   A Complete and Detailed Guide ___________________________________________________________________ This Is going to be a guide containing everything having to do with the afk content in Astera. The place in the above photo is where you will either be AFK mining/fishing. To get here you will need to use ::Home and go directly south. There is ::afk but that currently takes you to the old spot and is no longer complete content.  Before coming to the Afk area you will need either a fishing net or a pickaxe. You can acquire the fishing net by going to you skill tab and left clicking the fishing skill which will teleport you to the fishing guild. Talk to The master fisher and buy a net. To get the pickaxe do ::home and go directly west to the building with the shops and talk Brother Jered. He will have a bronze pickaxe. It doesnt matter what pickaxe you use you will collect ore at the same rate. You can after you recieve enough Afk-Tickets buy a "Speed Pickaxe" that increases the rate at which you mine though. There is not Special net that increase the rate you fish though.  The purpose of this place is to help you make gains even while you are away from your computer. You can leave it on over night or while you run to the store. While you are mining or fishing you will be collecting resources (Ore, Fish) These two items have and option in the right click menu "Claim-All" when you do this you will receive AFK-Tickets   at a 1:1 ratio which is a currency that can be used at   and his shop. This shop contains Speed Pickaxe (increases speed at which you mine ore) 250k Afk-Tickets Hellfire, Skyrocket, Leafy and Velvet Party hat's (Don't know if they have any special ability or stats) 1m Afk-Tickets Potion of Flight (Makes you fly.. Toggled by ::Fly) 250k Afk-Tickets Coffin of the Damned (no idea what it is or does) 100k Afk-Tickets Burning Man set (no idea if it has stats or abilities) 15m Afk-Tickets All of these are trade-able and afking has the potential to make you money or you can do it for the cosmetic aspect. _______________________________________________________________________________________________  For the Bronze Pickaxe you mine around 20-25 ore a Minute 25x60=1500hr 1500x24=3600day 36000x7=252000wk It'll take you one week non stop afking mining/fishing to get a Speed Pickaxe 60 weeks to get the burning man set with a bronze pickaxe    
    • Welcome  In this guide I am going to be showing you how to complete raids  Index Requirements Gear Strategy Rewards ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Requirements There is a requirement of 1750 total level to be able to join ::raids. This is put in place to detour players from being able to have multiple accs afk and get free loot There is also a requirement of 120 fishing and 120 cooking if you wish to make your own food in-game. It isn't necessary but highly recommended considering fury sharks are hard to come by in game. Below is where the fishing spot is located. Only 1 Harpoon spawns so either bring your own you decide who you want to fish and cook in your raid party. Gear As for you gear Id recommend bringing a range and melee set up. You will need a t4 melee or range weapon to be able to tank the monsters within raids and survive. Below is a recommended gear set up and inventory for a raid. You are going to want to bring a few super restores a overload and fury sharks in your inventory. I brought a melee set up and a range (void and archies minigun) and a glaive for the final boss kill (its gives a huge boost in droprate when worn. Strategy In this section Im going to be explain each level of the raid and the best way to go about beating it. ::raids When you first join you will be entered into the starting area and you will receive a message telling you the game will start in 120 seconds (2 minutes) When the two minutes is up the wooden fence will despawn. Now is the time to fish and cook if you and your partner choose to do so. You can also come back to this spot anytime to fish if you run out of food. A bank will be added here later down the road. Level 1 This is the first level. There are two npc's which you will be fighting. I'll explain below how to fight each. for either of these npcs you can use either mage or melee. For Venefica you are going to want to put on soulsplit and attack. This npc has a 10 percent chance of turning off your prayers. After you have killed make sure to drink a sip of a super restore and turn on your soul split before attacked the next npc. Bellator is straight forward. He hits hard but if you have quick dps and soulsplit on you can kill him easily. After you have killed everything the next round will start in 10 seconds Level 2 This level is straight forward. Pray soulsplit and use range to kill each npc. Try not to aggro all of them at the same time.   Level 3 This level you will be fighting two bosses.  Rammeraut and Unholy cursebearer. here you are going to want to pull rammeraut in range gear so you only aggro him. If you aggro both you will most likely get stacked out and die. Have your partner stand at the gate until you have lured rammerraut away from the unholy cursebearer then he/she may attack with range or melee. after you have killed rammeraut simply kill cursebearer. Make sure you have soulsplit on at all times Level 4 For this boss you can not use prayer at all. I suggest using melee and the best defense gear you have. You are going to attack him and make sure that you are aggroed by him. Then your partner can attack. Make sure to keep and eye on your health(he can hit upwards of high 50's) Level 5 This boss is essentially the same thing. This time though since you probably will be low on food either go back and fish for some food or have your partner tank the damage this time. Congrats you just beat ::raids.   Rewards Will Be Added Later
    • Hit Ctrl+f And type in item you are looking for Necessities: Pvm Tickets 250 - 300k ea Upgrade-Orbs 500 - 1000k ea Elite Dragonbones 500k - 1m ea Loot Device 200 - 300m Bonecrusher (I) 200m   Miscellaneous: Master Void Mage Helm 2-3b Master Void Ranger Helm 3-4b Master Void Melee Helm 2-3b Master Void Platebody 5b Master Void Platelegs 5b Vote Scrolls 30 - 40M ea Christmas Cracker 750m - 1b Regular Partyhats 750m - 1b Custom Party-Hats 5 - 6b ea ? Santa hat 300 - 400m Custom Santa Hats 3 - 5b ea H’ween Masks 500 - 750m ea Custom H’ween Masks 3 - 4b ea Crystal Key Halves 500k - 1m Crystal Key 2 - 3m Potion of Flight 1b Coffin of the Damned 750m - 1b Loot Boxes 250k - 500k Pvm Boxes 1 - 3m Mystery Boxes 2 - 4m Vote Mystery Boxes 50m Super Mystery Boxes 200 - 300m Extreme Mystery Boxes 800-1b Grand Mystery Boxes 2-3b Raid Keys 1-2 10-15m Raid Keys 3-4 25-30m Raid Keys 5-6 50m Raid Boss Keys 100m ea Raid Boxes 500-750m ea Boss event Boxes 200-300m $1 400m $5 2-2.5b $10 4-5b $50 20-30b $100 50-60b Tier 0: Abyssal whip 10m Dharoks pieces 10m Karils pieces 10m Torag pieces 8-10m Dragon boots 10-20m Amulet of fury 10m Berserker ring 5m(edited)     Tier 1: Tormented Tentacle 95-125m Gilded pieces 150-200m Kree'ara crossbow 175-225m Kree'ara Pieces 100-150m Skoll Staff - 300-400M Magebeast Pieces 100-200m Mystery box 10-20m Devilspawn wings 100m Demon Maul 250m Amulet of fury (Z) 200m Berserker ring (z) 200m   Tier 2: Brutal Whip 750m-1b Torva (T2) pieces 500m Brutal Minigun 1b Pernix (T2) pieces 750m Brutal Staff 1b Virtus (T2) pieces 750m Inferno Wings 350-500m Naturespawn necklace 300m ankou maul 500m Vixie Boots 300-400m Ice fury 200-300m Ring of wealth (ii) 1.5b-1.8b Boss gloves 300m   Tier 3: hikruu Katana 3b Shikruu pieces 2b Sorrow bow 3b Sorrow Pieces 2b Ganopurp staff 2b Ganopurp pieces 1-2b Galaxy wings 750m-1b Wing kiteshield 2-3b Chainsaw 2b Galaxy boots 1b Shadow necklace 1-1.5b Universal ring 3-5b Emporer gloves 1.5b   Tier 4: Trinity Blaed 25b T4 Melee pieces 10b Blastbomb cannon 12b T4 Ranged pieces 8b Art's Staff 10b T4 Magic pieces 8b Grand mystery box 2b Art's Cape 8b Art's Defender 8b Art's 2h sword 10b Art's Boots 5b Art's Necklace 5b Art's Ring 12b Art's Gloves 7.5b   Armour/Weapons (Non-Upgrade Lady Related) -God Wars Dungeon- Bandos piece 5m ea General Piece 35-50m ea Bandos Godsword 5m General Godsword 50m Zilyana Sword 50m Zilyana Godsword 50m Zilyana pieces 35-50m ea Saradomin pieces 5-10m Armadyl Godsword 25m Tsutsaroth Spear 25m Tsutsaroth Godsword 50m Tsutsaroth boots 25m Tsutsaroth Halo 50m Zamorakian Spear 15m Zamorak Godsword 15-20m   -PVM Store/Boss pt Store- Tetsu Pieces 12.5b Scythe of vitur 3b Twisted Bow 3b Brutal whip (not t2) 2b Viggora’s Chainmace 3b Tornado Katana 250-350m Bow sword of 1k Truths 200m Zara’s Accumulator 50m Flash Pieces [Untradeable, Dissolve for orbs and sell those] Antique Lamp 50m Zara’s Lamp 80m   Shadow Corporeal Beast Drops Holy Elixir 200-300M Blessed Spirit Shield 200-300M Spirit Shield 20-25M Shadow Sigil 500m Shadow Spirit Shield 500-750m Hellfire Sigil 500-750m Hellfire Spirit Shield 1b   Devilspawn Drops (::devils)   Devilspawn Necklace 100-200m Devilspawn Bow 100m   Inferior Elite Lord Drops (::lords) Inferior Piece 100m Inferior Wings 150m Starlight Sword 200m   Fractite Demon Drops (::demons) Demon maul 250m Fractite wings 100-150m Nuetron dagger 50m Nuetron boots 100m Nuetron gauntlets 100m(edited)     Joyx Dragon Drops (::dragons) Joyxicular Pieces 200m   MegaBeast Drops (::beast) Skoll staff 300-400m Magebeast Pieces 150-200m ea Ring of wealth 100m   Troll Kings Drops (::kings) Maleficent Pieces 300-400m   Eternal Dragon Drops (::eternal) Eternal Pieces 200-300m Eternal Shield 100m Eternal Whip 300-400m   Nex Drops (::nex) Torva Pieces 200m Pernix Pieces 200m Virtus Pieces 200m Nex Glaive 15-20b   Predator Drops (::pred) 120 Slayer Required Predator pieces 300-400m Predator sword 500m [Requires offhand to be effective] Predator offhand 2-3b Tormented tentacle 50-75m Kree’ara crossbow 100-150m Ice fury 200-300m   Cyantrix Drops (::cyan) 10k+ Npc kills Required Cyan black Torva piece N/A Arc rapier N/A Arc mace N/A Cyantrix ring N/A   Bulwark Drops (::bulwark) 20k+ Npc kills Required $5 Scroll 2-2.5b Bulwark pieces 2-3b Viggora’s chain-mace 1-2b Boss gloves 500m Tornado Katana 200m     Revenant drops (::revs) Gilded Longsword 50m Gilded Spear 50m Frost Warhammer 30-50m Frost Pieces 75-100m Lime Pieces 50-75m Pink staff 75m Pink Pieces 50-75m Statius' Pieces 10-20m Vestas' Pieces 10-20m Morrigans’ Pieces 10-20m   Exoden Drops ::exoden [For prices revert to the sections above] Gilded Pieces T1 Magebeast Pieces T1 Sorrow Pieces T2 Tormented Tentacle T1 Boss gloves T2 Barrows gloves (I)   Shop Items Collector’s necklace 15b Collector’s ring 60b Shadow sled 10b rchie minigun 30-35b Maxiblood whip 25-30b Moonlight staff 30b Universal ring 20b 3rd age melee set 500m 3rd age range set 500m 3rd age mage set 500m 3rd age prayer set 500m Chaotics [Dissolve] Flash [Dissolve] Universal axe 20b Speed pickaxe 20b CUSTOM DONATION ITEMS! Custom Glaives: Sellers Price Custom offhands: Sellers Price Custom Armour: Sellers Price
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